Together we have the opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors – men, women, and children of all ages, religions, orientations and ethnicities – while saving New York millions of dollars.

Our challenge is to transform a hugely expensive, wasteful, inefficient, and often corrupt system that is failing the most vulnerable of our fellow citizens.

New York State’s DSRIP program has provided strategies, structure, support and funding that make our efforts possible. We undertake this mission alongside 24 other Performing Provider Systems, each unique in its own way. SOMOS stands out as the only physician-led network, united in our conviction that the recipe for success is forging a more intimate and consistent bond between patient and doctor. That is precisely what SOMOS will do by matching patients with doctors and other service providers who are living in their neighborhood; who speak their language; and who are part of their culture.

At the heart of SOMOS is a careful, highly patient-centered process of modifying patient behavior and raising healthcare literacy to new levels. This approach holds the key to both preventive care and timely intervention, so that conditions like diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular ailments can be treated early, controlled, or cured altogether.

Our new patient-centered healthcare delivery model measures results in terms of ultimate patient well-being. The old fee-for-service model put the interests of physicians and hospitals before those of the patients. No doubt, for many doctors and hospitals, this challenge to established ways of doing things will be difficult.

We can all be proud to be working at the cutting edge of healthcare delivery reform and the knowledge that our work each day strengthens the safety net in our communities. At SOMOS, we welcome the opportunity to work with you for the common good, on behalf of New York City’s most defenseless and vulnerable residents.


Mario J. Paredes
Chief Executive Officer
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