Henry Chen, M.D.

Henry Chen, M.D.


Dr. Henry Chen is the President of SOMOS Community Care. Dr. Chen has been a community-based Primary Care Physician in private practice for more than 20 years in New York City, where he manages the health care of patients in the Asian communities of Brooklyn and Manhattan. He is the past President of the Association of Chinese American Physicians (ACAP, 2006-2008); is Founder and VP of the Eastern Chinese American Physician IPA (ECAP) and is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization (CCACO).

Dr. Chen has been a contributing author for more than ten medical publications. His practice has been recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) multiple times for PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home). PCMH is a health care model that puts patients at the forefront of care. PCMHs foster improved relationships between people and their clinical care providers. Research shows that they improve quality, the patient experience and staff satisfaction, while reducing health care costs.

Dr. Chen completed a three-year intensive residency training program in Internal Medicine at the New York Hospital of Queens (Cornell Medical School) in 1996. He is a Board-Certified Internist, geriatrician, and licensed physician acupuncturist.

Dr. Chen graduated from Guangzhou Medical College, majoring in Medicine, and graduated from the Sun Yat Sen University of Medical Science with a Master’s degree in Surgery.

  • Cornell Medical School, Residency
  • Sun Yat Sen University, M.S.
  • Guangzhou Medical College
  • NCQA-Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Bridges to Excellence: Physician Office Systems Recognition Program

Areas of Expertise

  • Internal Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • PCMH Implementation
  • Health Care Administration

Thought Leadership

“Bone marrow stimulation induces greater chondrogenesis in trochlear vs condylar cartilage defects in skeletally mature rabbits.” Osteoarthritis Cartilage Chen, H., Chevrier, A., Hoemann, C. D., Sun, J., Lascau-Coman, V., Buschmann, M. D.

“Clinic histopathology of cataract associated with true exfoliation of the lens capsule..” J Cataract Refract Surgery Chen, H.S., Hsiao, C., Chuang, L., Su, W.