Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make the Night Before

Healthy Breakfasts You Can Make the Night Before

We all know that eating breakfast in the morning, let alone a healthy one, is difficult. When we’re in a hurry, we tend to reach for fast food or sugary baked goods which can set us up for a low-energy day.

The key is finding healthy breakfasts that you can make ahead of time. Check out these make-ahead meals and enjoy them all week long.  


Think of a frittata as an egg casserole, easy to throw together with whatever veggies you have on hand in your kitchen. Cut the pie into slices and reheat it in the morning for a quick, protein-packed breakfast. 


Oatmeal is a great breakfast, packed with healthy carbohydrates and fiber, but microwavable packets aren’t as healthy as they may seem, often loaded with sugar. Make a large batch of oatmeal at the beginning of the week, store and reheat each morning for a quick breakfast. Add toppings such as nuts, chia seeds, or fruit for an added nutrient boost.

Overnight Oats

A mix between oatmeal and pudding, overnight oats always taste better the next day. Mix together a mix of dry oatmeal, milk, and even yogurt or a mashed banana, and let it sit in a covered bowl or jar overnight. Adding chia seeds to the mixture will add to the pudding-like texture, as the seeds absorb liquid. Get creative and add mix-ins the next day such as fruit, nuts, and seeds, nut butter, spices or vanilla.

Breakfast Parfait

Unleash your inner creativity by making yogurt parfaits. You don’t have to follow a recipe, but simply layer yogurt, granola and fruit, such as berries or chopped banana, as you please. Feel free to add a drizzle of honey for sweetness or throw in mix-ins such as nuts and seeds.