Con DASH para una salud mejor en SOMOS

por Denisse Oller Cuando inicié mi reto de la Dieta DASH, hace unos dos años, no tenía idea de la transformación que experimentaría tanto física como emocionalmente, ni de los efectos positivos que esto tendría en mi experiencia personal. Todo comenzó con un comentario irrelevante, o al menos eso pensé ...
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DASH-ing to Better Health At SOMOS

by Denisse Oller When I started my DASH Diet challenge two years ago, I had no idea of the transformation that I would experience physically and emotionally, nor of the positive ripple effect of my personal experience. It all began with an innocuous remark – or so I thought. I ...
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Making Healthy Meal Plans for Your Family

by Denisse Oller With National Nutrition Month kicking off, it’s the perfect time to discuss healthy eating habits, including how to create a meal plan for you and your family that will maximize your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most Americans do not eat enough ...
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Planificar comidas saludables para su familia

por Denisse Oller El Mes Nacional de la Nutrición puede ser la excusa perfecta para reflexionar y actuar sobre nuestros hábitos alimenticios, incluyendo cómo crear un plan de comidas para toda la familia que les ayude a mejorar su estado de salud y rendimientos físicos. Según el CDC [Centro de ...
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February Is American Heart Month

by Diego Ponieman M.D., M.P.H. During American Heart Month we at SOMOS want to encourage everyone to adopt healthy heart behaviors in order to prevent heart disease. The most common type of heart disease in the United States is coronary artery disease, which affects the blood flow to the heart ...
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Febrero es el Mes del Corazón Americano

Durante el Mes del Corazón Americano, quienes formamos SOMOS queremos animar a todo el mundo a adoptar hábitos beneficiosos para la salud del corazón con el fin de prevenir enfermedades cardiacas. El tipo de enfermedad cardiaca más común en Estados Unidos es la arteriopatía coronaria, la cual afecta el riego ...
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Losing Weight in a Healthy Way

by Denisse Oller For those of us who have attempted to lose weight, we all know it takes more than just a desire. Losing weight trying the latest fad diet to see rapid results. Losing weight means making a commitment and having a well-thought-out plan that you can follow. Let’s ...
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Prioritizing Health in 2019

by Denisse Oller With 2019 in its infancy, now is the time to take a moment to reflect on the past year – the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, the good times and the bad, the learning experiences, and what we wish to improve in 2019. January is ...
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Démosle prioridad a nuestra salud en 2019

por Denisse Oller Con el 2019 apenas en sus inicios, este es el momento de reflexionar acerca del año que concluyó –los buenos y malos momentos, los logros, los fracasos, las lecciones que aprendimos, las experiencias que vivimos– y qué queremos lograr durante estos próximos doce meses. Enero siempre ha ...
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Why AIDS Awareness Matters

Every year in December, the global community unites to recognize World AIDS Day on December 1st and AIDS Awareness Month. During this time, people around the world join together to raise awareness of the ongoing fight against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), support people living with HIV, and remember those we ...
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Denisse Oller

SOMOS Vice President of Communications, Emmy-award winning television journalist, author and chef, and passionate about spreading the message of food as medicine in NYC's neediest communities.

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