ACP In The News – August 17, 2017

7 KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM NEW YORK STATE MEDICAID DIRECTOR JASON HELGERSONAs New York closely follows the health care debate raging on Capitol Hill, POLITICO New York Pro Senior Reporter Dan Goldberg sat down with Jason Helgerson, the New York State Medicaid Director, and a select group of New York Pro subscribers for an exclusive discussion on the future of the state Medicaid program.

New York State has so far earned 95 percent of the DSRIP dollars it would be eligible to receive, but Helgerson would not say what he would consider a successful percentage at the end of the five years: “I don’t have a percentage in my head. The bigger thing I care about is getting to 80 percent Value Based Payment.”  Read more…
New York State Health Foundation

Integrating screening, diagnosis, and treatment of common behavioral health conditions into primary care is widely acknowledged as a pressing goal, but has remained a significant challenge–especially for smaller, resource-constrained practices that provide much of New York City’s and State’s primary care.

A new issue brief co-funded by the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) and United Hospital Fund (UHF), Advancing the Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care for Small Practices, explores the real-world application of an innovative “continuum-based framework”–developed by Dr. Henry Chung of Montefiore Health System and Dr. Harold Pincus of New York-Presbyterian Hospital–that allows for the phased adoption of key elements of behavioral health integration. Read more…

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