The Cancer That Kills 50,000 Americans Annually is Highly Preventable. What Are We Waiting For?

In 1998, Today Show host Katie Couric tragically, and very publicly, lost her husband to colon cancer, shining a spotlight on this “silent killer.” In an effort to encourage screening and awareness, Couric famously underwent a colonoscopy live on the Today Show. If she can do it, America began to think, “maybe I can too.” Two years later, in 2000, then-president Bill Clinton proclaimed March Colorectal Awareness Month.

Don’t Snooze on this Diabetes Wake-Up Call

As New Yorkers, we are more than twice as likely to have diabetes as the average American. New York City health officials have declared diabetes an epidemic. As a neighborhood physician, I can tell you it is never a good time to sleep through the warning signs of diabetes.

Nutrition Made Simple: Ten Foods for Better Health

As a Primary Care Physician in communities where heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are skyrocketing, this study quantifies the impact of unhealthy eating habits that I observe every day. The great news from this study is that taking control of your diet and your health may be as simple as focusing on just 10 foods and nutrients.

Volviendo a “The Heights” (Spanish Translation of “Back to the Heights”)

La idea de volver a Washington Heights –un vecindario muy especial para mí durante mi niñez– me llenaba de emoción ya que iba a impartir mi primer taller DASH de 2017, a solo unas cuadras del apartamento en el que mi tía Pat me inculcó el amor por una alimentación saludable y el ejercicio como estilo de vida.