¿Cómo sabemos que ingerimos los alimentos correctos?

por Denisse Oller Marzo es el Mes Nacional de la Nutrición, y con ello llega la oportunidad perfecta para evaluar nuestros hábitos de alimentación y asegurarnos de que estamos consumiendo los nutrientes correctos. Pero antes, debemos saber qué significan realmente “nutrición” y “nutrientes”. ¿Cómo sabemos que estamos consumiendo la cantidad ...
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Are You Getting Necessary Nutrients?

By: Denisse OllerAs National Nutrition Month, March is the perfect opportunity to evaluate eating habits to make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. But what do nutrition and nutrients really mean? How do you know if you are eating the right amount of nutrients? What ...
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4 Workout Ideas You Can Easily Do at Home

By: Denisse OllerNow that January has come to an end, it is easy to lose momentum in the dreary February months and to stay committed to a New Year’s resolution – especially when that resolution involves going to the gym. Nobody wants to leave the comfort of their homes and ...
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Cuatro ideas para ejercitarse en casa

por Denisse Oller Ahora que enero ha terminado, muchos dejan de lado sus resoluciones de año nuevo y arrastrados por la rutina cotidiana y condicionados por el frío, pierden el entusiasmo de ir al gimnasio. Yo misma me he enfrentado muchas veces a este dilema. Con mi nuevo puesto, tengo ...
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A Heart Healthy Dinner for Your Sweetheart

By: Denisse OllerValentine’s Day is all about hearts. Stores are filled with heart shaped cards and candy, bears holding hearts that say ‘I Love You’, and heart covered clothing. Not even pizza is immune from the being turned into a heart on Valentine’s Day. With all this joy and celebration ...
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Una cena saludable para su otra mitad

por Denisse OllerSan Valentín es un día para el corazón. Las tiendas se llenan de corazones rojos, chocolates y caramelos en forma de corazón, ositos de peluche con corazones que dicen “Te amo”, y hasta las compañías de pizza aprovechan para vender las suyas en forma de corazón. Ahora bien, ...
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New Year, New Healthy You

By: Denisse Oller In many cultures, the Holiday Season – revolves around the three Fs: fun, family and food. Whether it’s coquito or fried dumplings, holiday treats are delicious and pay homage to our cultures, but they are not always healthy. That’s why the holidays have a strong reputation of ...
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Año nuevo, mejor salud

En muchas culturas, esta temporada de fiestas que culmina con la llegada del año nuevo está marcada por tres constantes: fiesta, familia y festín. Ya sea que se trate del delicioso coquito, de las ricas hallacas o de los buuelos fritos, todos los platillos de esta época son una deliciosa ...
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Is Chamomile Tea a Real Tea?

By Carlos Amaya-Cubides “May I have a chamomile tea?” I overheard Ms. Maria, a Latino woman, request from her waiter one day recently. I was at the next table, having lunch with an associate of Asian descent. He apparently overheard her request too because he bent over next to my ...
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No Comments on Thanksgiving


By: Denisse Oller Dear friends, November is synonymous of Thanksgiving, a cornerstone Holiday for all Americans. It is a day in which together with our dearest ones and in the warmth of our dinner table, we give thanks. Every Thanksgiving at home is a family feast. This year our menu ...
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Denisse Oller

ACP Director of Integrated Outreach, Emmy-award winning television journalist, author and chef, and passionate about spreading the message of food as medicine in NYC's neediest communities.

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